Meet Omar




Born in December 1989 in Beirut-Lebanon, my name is Omar Ghrayeb, the creator of OGEE VISUALS. I’m a self-taught passionate Photographer and Engineer seeking to freeze moments and transfer them into pieces of art. My photography is renowned for its unique perspectives of viewing scenes from above and the best of my aerial photos has won several national and international photography awards in the past few years. My aerial scenery got the attention of pioneers in photography and was exhibited at several galleries in USA and Europe.

I got my first camera when I was very young (see picture below) and ever since I had photography as part of my life in a way or another. Throughout the years I was photographing different aspects and learning more as I go. Not up until 4 years ago, I had my first drone when I used to live in Florida. I was thrilled to start flying and taking photos at the same time given my passion to aviation. I got to enjoy my favorite 2 hobbies at the same time. Soon after, I got my FAA Part 107 license and I started flying regularly since then, capturing scenes from all over Southern Florida.

In late 2020 we moved to Minneapolis and I continued to fly capturing scenes from different seasons of the year many of which turned out to be award winning as time goes by. 

So far it has been a pleasant journey that is full of adventures, somehow always looking to catch something pleasing to the eye.

Scroll through the gallery and get inspired with a refreshed and unique vision of beautiful scenes from all around us.