Limited Editions


This carefully curated collection by Omar features limited edition of the best work Omar had to date. Each photo has a stark premium feel to it and in a way draws admiration and conversation.

Meanwhile many of the photos in this collection are internationally recognized award winning photos, the others are unique compositions/moments that are worth adding to his "rare" collection. 

    • Limited Editions are offered in editions of 100 prints only
    • They are signed and numbered digitally by Omar.
    • All limited editions include with a wet signed Certificate of Authenticity along with a card that holds information about the art piece.
      • Limited Editions are offered in fine art paper and metal prints.
      • Please go through the "Fine Art and Metal Prints" tab to know more about the mediums.


      Depending on the photo selected, Limited Edition Prints are limited to the sizes below in inches.

        • 3:2 ratio - 16x24 ; 20x30 ; 24x36
        • 2:1 ratio - 16x32 ; 20 x 40
        • 3:1 ratio - 12 x 36 ; 20 x 60